6 Solutions to Resolve Issues with Sending and Receiving Messages on GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a highly sought-after alternative to the original WhatsApp application that has gained worldwide popularity. The app is favored by many users due to its fewer limitations and additional features, such as the ability to recover deleted messages, view deleted friend statuses, send automatic responses, and much more.

However, one of the significant challenges faced by users of GBWhatsApp is the occurrence of delayed messages. But, fret not, as there are various practical solutions available to rectify this issue with just a few clicks. So, sit tight and read on to discover these solutions that will get your GBWhatsApp up and running smoothly again!

Why Your GBWhatsApp May Not Send/Receive Messages ?

Delayed messages on GBWhatsApp can occur due to various reasons. However, the most common reasons for delayed messages on GBWhatsApp are listed below:

  • Poor Internet Connection: The primary reason for delayed messages on GBWhatsApp is an unstable or weak internet connection. If your network service is unstable, your GBWhatsApp may fail to receive or send messages.
  • Mobile Data Disabled: Without mobile data, users cannot access the internet or social media apps. If your mobile data is turned off, it is likely that your GBWhatsApp will not send or receive messages.
  • GBWhatsApp App Issues: If you fail to update GBWhatsApp to the latest version, you may face delayed message problems, and it may cause the app to shut down suddenly while in use.
  • Device Configuration: Some device configurations, such as activating battery saver mode, may prevent you from sending or receiving messages on GBWhatsApp. This is because the battery saver mode restricts internet connectivity on the device, leading to slow internet activity on the device.

Solutions to GB WhatsApp Delayed Messages Issue :

If you’re experiencing GB Whatsapp delayed messages, don’t worry, as there are several solutions available to fix the issue. Below are six techniques you can attempt:

Method 1: Check the Internet 

One of the most common reasons for GBWhatsapp delayed messages is poor internet connection. If you are experiencing this issue, make sure to check your network service and ensure that your mobile data is not depleted. A stable internet connection is crucial for sending and receiving messages through GBWhatsapp.

Method 2: Restart GBWhatsApp

If you are experiencing delayed messages on GBWhatsapp, restarting the app might help. To do this, shut down the app completely and disable your internet connection. Then, click on the GBWhatsapp icon from your mobile device’s home interface to restart the app.

Method 3: Enable Background Data

If you suddenly stopped receiving notifications from GBWhatsapp, it might be because your device’s background data has been disabled. To enable background data, close GBWhatsapp and launch your device’s Settings. Tap on ‘Data Usage’ and then select ‘Mobile data usage’ or ‘Cellular data usage.’ Then, select GBWhatsapp and locate the ‘Background Data’ option. If it’s disabled, enable it and exit the page. You should start receiving message notifications from GBWhatsapp instantly.

Method 4: Turn Off Power Saving Mode

If you’ve enabled the Power Saving mode on your device, it could be restricting internet connectivity, making it hard for you to browse or access any kind of online activity. To disable Power Saving mode, navigate to your device’s settings and look for the option. Once you find it, turn it off and try using GBWhatsapp again.

Method 5: Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of the GBWhatsapp application is an additional approach to resolve the issue of delayed messages.. To do this, open your device’s settings app and choose ‘Apps.’ Then, select GBWhatsapp and hit the ‘Force Stop’ button. Afterward, select the ‘Clear Cache’ option, and close the page once you’re done.

Method 6: Uninstall & Reinstall GBWhatsApp

If you haven’t updated your GBWhatsapp, then you should try uninstalling it and reinstalling the latest version from a third-party site. To do this, launch Settings on your Android device, and under the security option, permit the download of apps from unknown sources. This is because GBWhatsapp isn’t supported on the Play Store app. Next, search for the APK file of GBWhatsapp online and download it to your device. Once you have successfully downloaded the APK file, proceed to install and open GBWhatsapp. On doing that, you’ll be asked for an OTP confirmation. Simply enter the accurate OTP to verify your account.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing GBWhatsApp not sending/receiving messages, there’s no need to panic. With the six possible solutions outlined in this article, you can quickly fix the issue and get back to enjoying all the features of GBWhatsApp.

Remember to check your internet connection, restart the app, enable background data, turn off power-saving mode, clear the cache, and reinstall GBWhatsApp if necessary.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to troubleshoot GBWhatsApp delayed messages with ease.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the help you need to fix any issues you’re experiencing with GBWhatsApp.

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